Body head anthem минус / Jr. - Body Head Anthem

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We gone take it to the Body
We gone take it to the Head
We bust a bitch head
We bust a bitch head
We gone take it to the Body
We gone take it to the Head

I done made a deal with the devil
So you don&39t wanna touch me
Pussy, you lucky that things don&39t get ugly
My daddy always told me catch a nigga from the blind
Knock his ass off
Express whats on my mind
Ain&39t nothing about me phony
My nigga I&39ll keep it real with ya
Jump stupid and Body Head gone deal with you
Both of your jaws swollen like the measles
The only man can save you is Jesus
I&39ll say a prayer for ya
For I despose of ya
I&39ll take your hoes from ya
I&39ll brake your nose for ya
I&39m the sickest, I&39m suicidal
So don&39t get me excited
The roof ain&39t on fire
But bet cha I&39ll get it lighted


First of all most I ain&39t coming for no foolishness
You better question round and ask somebody who you&39re fooling with
You making an ass out of me like the same possibility
of you winning the power ball lottery
You gotta be outta your mind to even start
I&39ll Chop your dam pork with out a knife and a fork
You niggaz oughta wait, polish your skills up for another day
Cuz I&39m the biggest shark in this park and you just another bait
Choppa that name ringing in your brain
From the Body to the Head and we bringing niggaz pain
Street Ballas ballin in the streets behind the chain
So don&39t make us up them thangs and get to sprayin&39


If breads gettin broke then I&39m breaking it with my peeps
Body Head bangers we&39re taking over the streets
You couldn&39t get us no tighter with pliers
Nothin but womanizers so bitches despise us
Pensacola I&39m a rep it to death cuz I&39m a Florida boy
nothing more nothing less
You disrespect or test what I say
It&39s Body to the Head til shit go my way
I&39m a gutta boy with a bunch of gutta ways
Gutta mentality but the gutta got me paid
You had your chance we about to pop
Big bread take lil bread like it or not...nigga

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